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Colorado Sound N Lightind Makes a Great Cable

Published Sep 24, 2006

A little gem I picked up at the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City New Jersey last month was the Colorado Sound N Lighting (CSNL), XLR Power Cable. This is an all-in-one AC and XLR cable using a high quality Italian made cable that safely allows you to run AC power and a low-level audio signal in one cable.

Colorado Sound N Lightind Makes a Great Cable-Body

No more ugly extension cables and audio cables. Everything is packed neatly into one nice cable.

Each end of this cable includes an XLR "dongle" that extends about 2' from the AC plug or IEC Connector. The key to this cable is the shielding of the cable that not only keeps the AC RF from affecting the audio signal it has eliminated the famous “hum” I was getting with my JBL Eons.

These are not cheap cables. The price reflects the quality of the workmanship and the performance of the cable itself. Check them out at http://www.csnl.com

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