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Cerwin Vega! Announces the TS-42 Folded Horn Subwoofer With a 21" Driver

Published Jan 18, 2009
Cerwin Vega! TS-42 Folded Horn Subwoofer

Cerwin Vega! a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio products for professional and home markets, today announced the Cerwin-Vega TS-42 folded horn subwoofer. The TS-42 is the ultimate expression of the legendary Cerwin-Vega bone-jarring bass and earth-shaking sound. The subwoofer is aimed at sound companies, performing DJs, musicians, nightclubs and theaters that need to thrill their audiences with clear, powerful bass. The TS-42 is available now at Cerwin-Vega authorized dealers worldwide.

The TS-42 is based on Cerwin-Vega’s decades of research and development into the perfection of folded horn designs. The folded horn design lengthens the path that the sound travels, which results in a massive amplification of sound.  This allows the 21” speaker in the TS-42 to produce higher sound levels than standard front-loaded system, hence the “42” designation. The 21” speaker is a custom, cast-frame Cerwin-Vega design that utilizes Stroker™ technology. This technology allows the speaker to play longer by reinforcing the speaker’s internal structure, optimizing cone excursion and voice coil efficiency. The speaker cone is reinforced with carbon fiber which increases reliability and power handling.

The TS-42 builds on our legacy as the premiere live sound subwoofer company

“The TS-42 builds on our legacy as the premiere live sound subwoofer company”, says Tony Rodrigues, Cerwin-Vega’s Vice-President of Marketing.  “The sound from this folded horn is full, deep and smooth and its power handling makes it possible to use this single speaker in applications that may have required several in the past.”

Cerwin-Vega speakers are renowned for delivering monstrous bass. The TS-42 is no exception, capable of handling a whopping 4000 watts of peak power and delivering frequencies as low as 27Hz. The TS-42 also features Cerwin-Vega’s trademark “barbeque” grill that is not only stylish but also acts as a heat sink for the woofer, increasing reliability and allowing the speaker to play louder longer. The cabinets are designed to easily fit through standard-sized doors and ergonomic handles and integrated heavy-duty wheels make for easier loading.

The TS-42 features Speakon input connectors, internal reinforcements for added rigidity and alignment marks to assist when stacking the TS-42 with other Cerwin-Vega Passive speakers.

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