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C.B.I. Introduces Multi-Outlet Extension Cords

Published Oct 20, 2003

C.B.I. has announced the release of the MOX multi-outlet extension cord for distribution in early 2004. The MOX is a patented, black, multi-outlet extension cord engineered for easy storage and the elimination of twisted cords.

The 25' cord features four outlets evenly spaced at approximately 8' intervals, while the 50' cord has six outlets at 10' intervals. All of the central outlets on the MOX are equipped with LED's. These power positive lighted outlets insure each outlet is powered and easily seen. The 14 or 12 gauge wire is encased in a black outer jacketing designed for concealment. Each outlet features mounting anchors that enable secure fastening of the MOX in order to reduce clutter. Weather guards protect the inline outlets when not in use. The 600 volt 3 wire grounded cord works in conditions from -58º F to 221º F is UL listed, and built to meet OSHA specifications.

C.B.I. will be offering the MOX in lengths of 25' and 50'. The 25' cord will use 14 and 12 gauge wire while the 50' cord will be available exclusively with 12 gauge wire.

Suggested Retail Pricing is as Follows:

14ga. 3 outlet 25' = $29.99
12ga. 4 outlet 25' = $44.99
12ga. 6 outlet 50' = $74.99

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