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Arriba Introduces Large Scanner Cases

Published Jan 3, 2007

As the first manufacturer to offer a line of soft cases for mobile lighting products, Arriba has had DJs everywhere clamoring for more. Though the line had bags to fit just about every piece of equipment a DJ could ever need to carry, just one thing was missing ? a really enormous bag, big enough to hold those gigantic scanners that are now a feature of so many light shows.

Ever eager to please, Arriba has come to the rescue with their biggest bags yet. The AC-142 and AC-144 Prop and Gear Cases are roomy enough to hold not just scanners, but any large gear such as fog machines or oversized lighting fixtures. They can accommodate the Elation Professional Vision Scan 250, Chauvet ILS Series Scanners, Jem Magnum 2000 PRO Fog Machine, as well as similar sized fixtures from all major lighting manufacturers.

What’s more, resourceful DJs will find lots more uses for the AC-142 and AC-144 than just carrying their fixtures. The spacious bags are also perfect for toting party supplies, favors, props, giveaways, and a whole lot more.

Ideal for any mobile DJs, bands or entertainers, the cases are designed with a whole host of features to make life simpler. Their clear “view windows” let performers on the go identify their fixtures instantly without having to open every case to check what’s inside. The windows can also be used to hold a label or business card.

“Gym-bag” styling with an extra wide mouth that zips on three sides makes for quick and easy packing. Sturdy handles make carrying effortless, while a zippered outside pocket keeps clamps, cables or extra lamps secure and close at hand.

Much more affordable and lightweight than hard lighting cases, Arriba’s soft cases feature a thick layer of protective padding that safeguards and extends the life of delicate, expensive gear. Durable enough to be stacked, soft cases fit more easily into a car or van than rigid cases, saving precious cargo space.

“Many mobile entertainers have told us they loved our soft cases,” said Brian Dowdle, marketing manager for Arriba Cases. “The only problem was, they couldn’t fit their oversized gear in them. Now that we’ve introduced these scanner cases, they have the advantage of carrying their largest fixtures in a lightweight case, making setup and packing so much easier.”

The AC-142 Prop and Gear Case measures 25” x 14” x 14” and has a suggested retail price of $41.95. The AC-144 measures 30” x 14” x 14” and has a suggested retail price of $44.95. Arriba cases are designed to fit products from all major lighting manufacturers.

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