Nov 28, 2023

American DJ’s Intelligent AccuSpot 250 Brings Affordable Moving Head Effects

Published Oct 12, 2003

The dramatic 3-D-like motion and visual brilliance of a world-class light show are no longer the exclusive domain of large nightclubs and venues. American DJ has introduced the AccuSpot 250, an intelligent 8-channel moving head effect with a brilliant 250-watt discharge lamp that’s sized and priced for small and mid-size clubs.

As a moving head effect, the AccuSpot 250 represents one of the hottest trends in club lighting today. Instead of producing beams via a moving interior mirror, the AccuSpot 250’s entire head rotates, shooting out colors and patterns over a much broader area and creating an exciting multi-layer, three-dimensional effect.

Equipped with high-quality powerful stepper motors, the AccuSpot 250 is built for quick, accurate microstepping. It is capable of fast, precise panning of 360° and tilt movement up to 265°, providing full-area coverage in any size venue, but in a portable, affordable component.

The AccuSpot 250 is equipped with 8 DMX channels and includes 9 vibrant colors plus white. It features 7 variable speed rotating gobos plus spot, including one dichroic glass gobo. Independent gobo and color wheels allow for an endless range of visual possibilities and pattern-color combinations. The gobos are replaceable, providing users with even more variety. The unit also features a Gobo Shake effect, and it will strobe in every color.

One of the highlights of the AccuSpot 250 is its bright MSD-250 250-watt discharge lamp, along with a specially designed Dichroic Reflector to maximize output. Thanks to this unique high-intensity lamp and Dichroic Reflector, the AccuSpot 250 will create dazzlingly vivid, eye-popping effects in every color, and in every mode.

The AccuSpot 250 was designed to give small and mid-size clubs the chance to take their visual entertainment to the next level, according to Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Intelligent moving head effects have, until recently, been the hallmark of large clubs in places like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago,” said Davies. “Until now, there has never been a moving head component with such a bright lamp at this price level. With the AccuSpot 250, neighborhood-type establishments and create an atmosphere like the larger clubs – and stand out as a hot, trendy place to be.

“The AccuSpot 250 allows club patrons to feel as if they are a part of the light show, rather than just spectators,” Davies continued. “It surrounds and bathes the audience in bright, multicolored, pulsing light. People who have never heard the term, ‘moving head,’ will understand that it’s something extraordinary and special the moment they experience it. The AccuSpot 250 is really that distinctive.”

Along with producing the latest cutting-edge effects, the AccuSpot 250 was designed for ease and flexibility of operation. It can be operated either with a standard DMX controller, or used stand-alone and run via its own internal programs. It can also be operated in Master/Slave Mode, enabling it to be linked to other units for coordinated multiple effects over larger areas.

The AccuSpot 250 weights 39 lbs. and measures 13.5” x 14” x 19.5”. The suggested retail price is $1,199.95.

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