Nov 29, 2023

American Audio’s Vinyl 101 Direct Drive Turntable System

Published Oct 5, 2006

American Audio has packed extreme value into an all-in-one direct drive turntable package that gives DJs the power to play and mix their favorite records like a true pro. The company’s affordable new Vinyl 101 Direct Drive Turntable System contains everything DJs need to be vinyl-ready on the job: two direct drive VTD-1000 Turntables, a VM-100 DJ Mixer, HP-500 Professional Stereo Headphones, and all the necessary connecting cables for an incredibly low suggested retail price of $419.95.

“The Vinyl 101 system represents a major value for entry-level DJs who want a complete direct drive system they can use right out of the box, at a price much lower than they would expect to pay,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “Dollar for dollar, this value-added package of 2 perfectly matched turntables, mixer and headphones is an absolute steal. And it’s so easy to use, DJs will be up and spinning their favorite records in no time.”

American Audio’s VTD-1000 turntable is durable and user-friendly, offering such features as a metal tone arm with adjustable anti-skating, large-platter Start/Stop button, 45 adapter for 7-inch records, tone arm holder with lock, tone arm height lock, and adjustable feet for leveling. Its direct drive motor can operate at both 33 and 45 RPMs. Cartridges and needles are included to put the finishing touch on the system’s dual-turntable setup.

The VM-100 DJ mixer makes it easy – even for beginning DJs -- to mix and control vinyl. Equipped with 2 phono and 2 line level inputs, the VM-100 includes independent gains per channel, front access headphone jack, front access 1/4-inch mic jack, and 2 turntable ground prongs. It boasts an extremely clean signal to noise ratio and blasts high output to the headphones. Other professional features include cue mixing function and a high-quality replaceable cross-fader.

Adding value to the Vinyl 101 system are the HP-100 professional headphones, which are included with the setup at no charge (a $69.95 value if purchased on their own!). Featuring 57mm speaker drivers, the HP-500 headphones are sturdy and comfortable with a flexible housing design that allows for dual- or single-ear monitoring. The earpads are replaceable, so there’s no need to buy an entirely new set of headphones when the pads wear out and crack. The headphones fold up for easy transport and even come with their own carrying bag. A mini plug input comes included with 1/4" adapter.

The complete Vinyl 101 system, including 2 VTD-1000 Direct Drive Turntables, a VM-100 DJ Mixer, HP-100 Professional Headphones and required cables, has an MSRP of just $419.95.

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