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American Audio’s New MCD Series MP3/CD Players

Published Apr 2, 2005

Are you a DJ who wants to make the move to MP3? Why not! Switching to MP3 means you can go on-line and burn your own CDs, each with over 6-1/2 hours of “good” songs that you really want to play. Instead of hauling around 600 commercial CDs in heavy cases, you can fit the same amount of music on 50 discs that pack into a lightweight CD notebook.


So what’s stopping you? Maybe it’s buying hardware. You’re afraid that MP3 players are too expensive, or that you won’t be able to work with MP3 tracks like you do with standard CDs, in terms of changing pitch, cueing, adding digital effects etc.


But now you don’t have to wait to move up to MP3 any longer. American Audio has introduced the new MCD Series, a line of MP3/CD players designed to make MP3 easier and more affordable than ever for professional DJs. Consisting of three rack mountable models, the MCD Series provides DJs with all the features they enjoy when working with normal CDs -- at a price that won’t burn their budget.


“MP3 is the next evolutionary step up from CDs,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “First, DJs had to lug around crates of vinyl LPs, which had maybe only one or two good songs each. Then came CD players, and you could buy ‘promo’ or ‘dance’ CDs with 10-15 playable songs per disc, and travel much lighter.


“Now MP3 has carried this progression even further. With your computer and CD burner, you can have 125 good songs per disc and fit your entire playlist into an easy-to-carry CD wallet. Our new MCD Series of MP3/CD players has been designed for real-world working DJs who want to make the move to this next level.”


Developed after consultation with leading pro DJs and extensive field testing, the MCD Series consists of one single deck, the MCD-110, and two dual players, the MCD-510, and the top-of-the-line MCD-810. All of the MCD models are combo units that can play both CDs and MP3 files in all formats (including Apple I-Tunes) and can quickly distinguish between the two types of software.


All three MCD models are also loaded with cutting-edge features that will allow DJs to take their MP3 performances to the next level. One of these is an advanced cueing feature that searches MP3 tracks by the frame, as CD players do, rather than by the second, as MP3 players have typically done in the past. With 72 frames per second, DJs can now achieve the same degree of precision control in their MP3 cueing that they do with CDs.


“In the past, you had to settle for cueing by second intervals on MP3 tracks,” said Freret. “But our new MCD players’ revolutionary advanced cueing searches MP3 tracks by much smaller frames, just like is done with CDs.”


Another feature that users will appreciate is the ability to adjust the pitch of their MP3 tracks. All three MCD models offer an adjustable pitch control range of +/-4%, +/-8% or +/-16% for both CD and MP3 tracks.


The three MCD players also come equipped with a convenient jog wheel that allows DJs to search smoothly and effortlessly through CD and MP3 discs. Another “must-have” for DJs on all three models is electronic shock protection. Additional features of the MCD Series include: LCD displays with Single/Continue and Time viewing, Fader Q Start (when used with compatible American Audio Q-Series mixers), and S/PDIF digital output.


With the top-of-the-line MCD-810 model, DJs can get even more adventuresome with their MP3 tracks, adding digital effects and looping. The MCD-810 comes with on-board scratch and bop effects that work as well with MP3 tracks as they do with CDs. There are also four editable seamless loops, plus one live, for a total of five loops.


Additionally the MCD-810 includes cue point and loop memory. The unit will automatically load loops and cue points on a CD when it is put it in the player the next time. As an added user convenience, the MCD-810 will list a disc’s track and album titles for easy viewing on its bright Dot Matrix display.


DJs won’t have to worry about the MCD-810 ever becoming obsolete, either. American Audio is making continual software updates available for the flagship unit via CD.


Despite the impressive array of features on all three MCD models, the units have been designed to be very easy and intuitive to operate. “We’ve kept the layout clean. There are no big owner manuals,” said Freret.


The MCD Series players are also amazingly affordable. The suggested retail price of the

MCD-110 is $299.95 (MAP $219.99). The suggested retail price of the MCD-510 is $499.95 (MAP $349.99). The suggested retail price of the MCD-810 is $799.95 (MAP $499.99).

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