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American Audio’s New HP 700 Premium DJ Headphones

Published Oct 7, 2004

To all the DJs out there who’ve been asking for a louder headphone, American Audio is shouting, “We hear you!” The company has unveiled its new HP 700 Headphones, high-powered premium DJ headphones with an incredibly loud, thunderous sound.

With 3500 mW of sheer power, the HP 700 Headphones will fill DJs’ ears with booming bass and trilling treble. The phones have an ultra dynamic range with great sounding highs and lows. Despite their powerful output, there’s virtually no distortion at either end.

“The HP 700 Headphones are the loudest American Audio has ever offered,” said Tom Freret, sales manager for American Audio. “DJs were asking for louder phones, and particularly more bass, so we developed the HP 700 in response to this demand. Not only are these headphones ultra-loud, the sound quality is so great that you won’t believe your ears.”

DJs won’t believe their ears when they hear the HP 700 Headphones’ price, either. The suggested retail price of the headphones is just $89.95. “You could easily pay up to 50 percent more for a premium DJ headphone that delivers the power, output and quality of the HP 700,” noted Freret.

What’s more, the price includes a Headphone Bag, plus two screw-on stereo adapters (one right angle ¼” adapter and one straight ¼” adapter) that are used to provide input to the phones via a mini plug. With the adapters and bag included in the price, the HP 700 Headphones represent even more of an amazing dollar value.

Comfortable and sturdy, the HP 700 Headphones feature a flexible housing design that allows for single or double ear monitoring. The phones fold up easily for convenient transport, another feature aimed at mobile users.

The HP 700 Headphones have a maximum power of 3500 mW and an impedance of 64 Ohms. Frequency response is 5Hz-30KHz. Sensitivity: 107dB (+/-3dB) (S.P.L. at 1 KHz). The speaker driver unit is 57 mm diameter.

The suggested retail price of the HP 700 Headphones is $89.95.

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