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American Audio’s ELS15 BT Speaker

Published Sep 21, 2013
American Audio ELS15 BT Speaker
American Audio ELS15 BT Speaker

American Audio’s Multi-Functional ELS15 BT Speaker Allows Music Playback Via Bluetooth Or MP3/SD Card Input

Now DJs, clubs and entertainers can play music from virtually any mobile-friendly device they choose -- from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablets, to MP3 players and SD cards.  American Audio has introduced the ELS15 BT, a lightweight, multi-functional 15-inch active speaker that features both Bluetooth and a built-in MP3 player.

With the versatile ELS15 BT, you can play music from Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices wirelessly, or you can utilize the unit’s built-in MP3 player with USB and SD Card inputs.  Great for bars, nightclubs, cocktail music and pre-recorded party mixes, this feature-packed speaker provides plenty of output power for small and mid-size events that call for set-it-and-forget-it music playback. Users can plug their mobile phone,  iPod, MP3 player or SD Card directly into their speakers and let it run all night on auto-pilot — and, best of all, they can do this without running down their bank accounts. That’s because the ELS15 BT carries an ultra-competitive minimum advertised price of just $229.99.

The ELS15 BT comes with its own 21-input ADJ AUD RC remote to control its rear-panel playback section from anywhere in the venue — whether you’re in line at the bar, seated at the dinner table or busting a move on the dance floor. For manual operation, the MP3 panel has 6 function buttons and a crystal-clear blue LCD screen that’s easy to read in low lighting conditions. And the speaker isn’t limited to just Bluetooth, MP3 and SD Card playback: additional connections include XLR and quarter-inch mic inputs, XLR and RCA line inputs, and XLR and quarter-inch line outputs.

The ELS15 BT will also sound great from any spot in the room. One amp powers the 1-inch titanium driver, while the other powers the 15-inch woofer with 33 ounce magnet. The ELS15 BT’s bi-amplified system provides separate high-frequency and low-frequency power to the speaker as the music demands it, for maximum efficiency. What comes out is a perfect balance of crystal-clear highs and thundering lows that will make your playlist sound like the perfect party soundtrack. A time-aligned electronic crossover ensures that the full range of frequencies are delivered with plenty of punch and finesse.

“With incredibly affordable MAP pricing of just $229.99, the ELS15 BT is a fantastic-sounding multifunctional powered loudspeaker that gives you tons of useful features for your buck,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “It’s so easy to use — you can play music right from your Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet wirelessly, or you can plug your iPod, MP3 player or an SD Card right into the speaker, press play and let it run as an unmanned sound system at parties, special events and clubs. You can even pause the music, skip ahead to your favorite tune or activate an entirely different playlist on your MP3 by using the AUD RC remote controller that comes with it.”

The ELS15 BT helps you dial in the perfect equalization for your music. It has built-in treble, bass and volume controls, plus it comes with 11 convenient EQ presets: Normal, Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Blues, Hall, Bass, Soft, Country and Opera. Whatever kind of music you choose to play, the ELS15 BT can provide the optimum frequency support so everything will sound clear and crisp with appropriate tonal qualities.

The ELS15 BT is designed to make it nearly impossible for users to inadvertently cause damage to the system. It has short-circuit protection, thermal protection, on/off mute, and active high-frequency/low-frequency limiters with LED clip indicator — so you can enjoy worry-free, failsafe operation all night long.

Because of its high efficiency design, the ELS15 BT features very low power consumption. It offers multi-voltage operation (AC 115–230V, 50/60Hz), so it works with all available power sources in any room or venue.

The ELS15 BT is also extremely portable and lightweight. It measures 18.5" L x 14.75"W x 27.75"H (469 x 372 x 700mm) and weighs only 39.5 lbs. (17kg).

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