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American Audio Q-FX Pro Mixer

Published Mar 9, 2007

American Audio is proud to announce the release of the new Q-FX Pro, its most versatile DJ mixer to date! Loaded with 8 built-in FX and a multitude of professional features, this amazing 4-channel mixer will instantly increase any DJ’s performance capability, as well as their marketability. It’s also a killer value, as working DJs can rely on this one highly affordable piece of gear to perform a diverse range of powerful functions.

DJs can access and manipulate 8 different FX on the Q-FX Pro, including Pitch Shift, Reverb, Flanger, Auto Filter, Manual Filter, Transform, Echo and Auto Pan. Onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology lets you overlay the FX and produce a variety of creative sounds on the fly. X-Y parameter adjustments on each effect give you the power to dial up exactly how much effect you want in the mix, from “wet” to “dry.”

The Q-FX Pro can be used with a variety of playback units ? including turntables, CD players, MP3 players and satellite radio receivers ? so you can mix and apply cool FX to virtually any audio source. The unit’s 16-bit digital effects are even assignable to the mic channels if you want to add cool sounds to karaoke, rapping, emceeing and announcements.

Bottom line ? wherever your sound is coming from, you can add FX to it with the Q-FX Pro. No need to buy playback units with built-in FX, since the Q-FX Pro allows you to “take your FX anywhere.”

“With the Q-FX Pro, American Audio is addressing today’s DJs’ demands for more versatile gear that can function in many different situations,” said Tom Freret, national sales manger for American Audio. “If your CD deck doesn’t already have effects, now you can add them with this incredible little mixer ? you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive, fancy new player.”

Another versatility-enhancing feature is Zone Output, which allows DJs to control a second, smaller room or zone from the Q-FX Pro. “The Q-FX Pro can handle more than just one room in an establishment,” Freret said. “Say you’ve got a club where there’s a main dance floor, plus a smaller lounge or outdoor patio where they’re playing a smooth jazz channel via satellite radio ? the Q-FX Pro lets you control both areas at the same time.”

The Q-FX Pro offers extreme ease of connectivity. It includes 2 phono, 4 line, 4 aux and 4 mic inputs, enough to accommodate any DJ’s complete audio setup. An auxiliary input jack on front of the mixer is designed to accept MP3 players and satellite radio receivers.

Other great features contribute to the mixer’s tremendous versatility. A convenient BPM counter syncs up the beats of your tracks with each other and with the built-in effects. Fader Q Start makes the Q-FX Pro completely compatible with most American Audio CD players. A Trim Output control on the rear of the unit sets a limit on how high the master volume can go, protecting your ears and the rest of the gear in your DJ rig.

“DJs today need to make themselves as versatile as possible, and to do this they require equipment that can perform multiple functions,” Freret said. “Rather than spending big bucks for several specialized components, it makes more sense to go with a mixer like the Q-FX Pro, which is flexible enough to handle different types of situations and can be used with a variety of other audio gear. This board gives you so many options ? it can do it all.”

The Q-FX Pro carries a suggested retail price of only $599.95. The 4-rack-space mixer measures 7” long x 19” wide x 4.25” high and weighs 9 lbs.

For more information, contact American Audio at 1-800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058. http://www.adjaudio.com

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