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American Audio PSW 15 & PSW 15P Subwoofers Bass You Can Feel

Published Aug 3, 2005

You don’t just want to “hear” the bass in today’s high-powered dance music. You need to “feel” it, too, if you really want to get your groove on.

American Audio PSW 15 & PSW 15P Subwoofers Bass You Can Feel-Body

American Audio’s new PSW 15P and PSW 15 subwoofers give bands and DJs that extra punch that really brings out the low end and inspires dancers to shake their booty all night long. Featuring heavy-duty 15" woofers, these two new units turn ordinary PAs into thundering sound systems capable of delivering lows so extreme they’ll hit you—and the rest of the dance floor—right in the boogie bone.

“Our PSW 15P and PSW 15 subwoofers are basically for bands, DJs and mobile entertainers who want to upgrade their existing speaker systems with something that will really beefs up the bass,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “And even though they pack enough of a sonic ‘quake’ to cause a seismic event, these two new units are extremely portable and affordable for working bands and mobile DJs.”

The PSW 15P is the powered version, featuring a built-in 300-watt amplifier. The unit includes both XLR and 1/4" inputs, as well as XLR line outputs that link the subwoofer to your satellite-speaker setup. An adjustable electronic crossover allows for maximum flexibility, giving users complete control when it comes to striking the perfect bottom-end balance. The PSW 15P has a frequency response of 50~500Hz, and the unit weighs 84 lbs. Its suggested retail price is $699.99.

The PSW 15, on the other hand, relies on external power to drive its 15" subwoofer. It utilizes Speakon inputs and outputs for convenient connection to the rest of your PA. Specifications on the PSW 15 include a sensitivity reading of 97dB@1W/1M, a 40~350Hz frequency response, a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a 300Hz crossover frequency. The unit weighs only 73.8 lbs. and carries a suggested retail price of just $399.95.

Designed for easy transport and setup, both the PSW 15 and PSW 15P come with roadworthy carrying handles, built-in pole-mount sockets and sturdy rubber feet. Each measures 23"L x 21.7"W x 26"H.

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