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American Audio MXR Mixers & VMS4.1 Digital Workstation Spin BPM

Published Sep 18, 2012

American Audio continues to bridge the worlds of analog and digital DJ-ing with exciting new gear that will elevate your performance to the next level – regardless of the way you play.  A new series of MIDI mixers with an “analog touch” and the next generation of American Audio’s revolutionary VMS Digital Workstation -- the VMS4.1—are among the products that the company will be featuring at the BPM Show, held 6-8 October 2012 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK.

Visitors to the company’s display will also get to see American Audio products in action with daily performances by Frisky Biscutz, featuring DJs Sparky B and Rob Sample. It’s all happening at American Audio’s BPM Stand J10.  Here’s a closer look at some of the BPM exhibit highlights:


MXR Series Mixers -- The MXR Series was designed to give DJs the familiar tactile feel of a traditional DJ mixer while playing and controlling music digitally from computer software.  Featuring 3 models ranging from 10”-19” -- 10 MXR (2-channel, 10”), 14 MXR (4-channel, 14”) and 19 MXR (4-channel, 19”) -- these versatile MIDILOG™ mixers work with any “MIDI Learn” software or analog inputs like CD players and turntables.  They feature a built-in DSP D-Core™ sound card with 4-in/4-out audio interface; balanced XLR outputs; 18 or 20 assignable MIDI control buttons; and MIDI navigation controls for easy access to your music library. Each unit includes 3-band EQ with Rotary Kills (Treble, MID & Bass); Crossfader Curve Adjustment; and Master, Booth and Headphone Level and Mix Controls.  Models 14 MXR and 19 MXR offer a Controller Mode for routing USB output streams through master and headphone outputs.  Featuring multi-voltage operation, the MXRs weigh just 6-10 lbs. for easy transport.

VMS4.1 Digital Work Station – The next-generation version of American Audio’s VMS4 “ultimate DJ performance tool,” the VMS4.1 is -- like the groundbreaking original – an extremely versatile digital work station that can be used for both computer (PC or Mac)  and analog DJ-ing.  The company has beefed up the sound quality and processing speed of the unit with a new, exclusive studio-quality DSP D-Core Audio Engine.  Additionally, the VMS4.1 is now being offered in two versions, each bundled with different DJ software: one with the original Virtual DJ LE software; and the new VMS4.1 TRAKTOR bundled with TRAKTOR American Audio VMS4 Edition.  The VMS4.1 TRAKTOR model features a unique faceplate with special button placement for accessing TRAKTOR’s features.

Like its predecessor, the VMS4.1 was designed to accommodate the variety of ways today’s DJs perform, often in both the digital and analog worlds.  It features 4 selectable dual-purpose MIDILOG™ (MIDI or analog) channels, which are compatible with any MIDI software, as well as traditional audio inputs like CD players or turntables.  The versatile unit also includes 2 jog wheels, a built-in mousepad, and 2 microphone channels with gain/treble/mid/bass EQs.  The mixer itself offers the option of being used with an Innofader replacement crossfader (sold separately), a feature typically found only on very high end gear.

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