Sep 27, 2023

American Audio Introduces TLC PRO Rolling Rack

Published Dec 7, 2004

Professional DJs now have a new, easier way to haul around their audio setups, while keeping their gear organized and secure. American Audio has introduced the new TLC PRO 8x14, a rackmount case on wheels that’s designed to hold a complete DJ audio setup—from mixers and CD players to amplifiers and everything in between.

Lightweight and featuring easy-to-carry handles, this rolling rack makes cartage extremely convenient for DJs. At the same time, the TLC PRO 8x14’s extremely rugged, durable construction protects delicate audio gear from damage during transit.


Come showtime, the versatile TLC PRO 8x14 provides a user-friendly stand for the DJ’s entire audio system. One all-new, convenient feature is an adjustable top portion – the section that holds the mixer -- which can be set at different angles for optimal user comfort and accessibility. After the performance, the ratcheting top section closes down completely flat, making transport and storage a breeze.

“As our first DJ rack on wheels, the TLC PRO 8x14 makes it easier than ever for professionals to carry all of their gear from job to job, without having to break down and set up all of the separate components of their audio systems,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “The rack was designed specifically for mobile DJs, with special features like the ratcheting top that closes all the way flat, rather than remaining at a bulky angle, like the tops of most other rackmount cases.”


Featuring the capacity to hold any standard 19-inch rackmount gear, the TLC PRO 8x14 offers eight spaces on top plus 14 more down below—enough room for DJs to mount their complete audio arsenals comfortably and safely. Durable plastic construction, locking castors, and three detachable lids with lock-tight latches offer added protection and make the TLC PRO 8x14 extremely rugged and roadworthy.


“The TLC PRO 8x14 helps protect sensitive DJ equipment and keeps it ordered, connected and ready to roll,” said Freret. “It was built to withstand the rigors of travel, yet it’s also very lightweight and portable. This rack’s convenience, quality and protection make it a tremendous value for DJs on the go.”

The TLC PRO 8x14 measures 23”L x 21.5”W x 38”H and weighs 56 lbs. unloaded. The suggested retail price of the TLC PRO 8x14 is $449.95.

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