May 31, 2023

American Audio Introduces PDP-850 and PDP-950 Power Distribution Panels

Published Dec 21, 2004

American Audio is empowering users with better convenience, performance and value with its two new power distribution panels, the PDP-850 and PDP-950. Designed for use with any rackmount setup, each panel offers seven 3-prong power plugs, 20A breaker protection and pop-up lights -- along with some power-fully appealing new upgrades and features.

One of these upgrades is the use of LED Technology, rather than conventional lightbulbs, as the illumination source for the units’ pop-up lights. LED’s offer 100,000 rated life and do not heat up like conventional light bulbs. In addition to being equipped with dual LED lights, both the PDP-850 and PDP-950 feature a handy dimming control knob that lets the user adjust the degree of brightness.

“LEDs are more efficient and reliable than ordinary bulbs, because they never burn out,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “You don’t ever have to think about replacing them. This makes the PDP-850 and PDP-950 the ultimate worry-free solution for lighting up your rack.”

As another upgrade, American Audio has added an innovative USB outlet to the front of both units. Users can now plug accessories such as a USB light or fan into their power panel, which gives users more “all-in-one” convenience and versatility never before seen in a power conditioner

Along with user-friendly enhancements such as these, the PDP-850 and PDP-950 have been updated up with attractive new look. Both units now come in a stylish black case designed to complement today’s sleek-looking pro audio gear.

Both the PDP-850 and PDP-950 feature seven protected switched A/C grounded outlets plus one A/C unswitched outlet on the rear of the unit, with 15A per outlet. Additionally, there is one switched A/C outlet on the front of each unit. Both units are equipped with a 20A breaker protection button on the front.

In addition to all the above features, the top-line PDP-950 model is equipped with an Incoming Line Voltage Meter. The meter provides a readout of the total amount of voltage coming into the system, allowing DJs to see at a glance if their power supply is low.

Compact and lightweight, the PDP-850 and PDP-950 fit into a single rack space. Each unit measures 19” x 1.75” x 6.5” and weighs 7 lbs.

The suggested retail price of the PDP-850 is $79.95. The suggested retail price of the PDP-950 is $139.95.

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