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American Audio Changes Impact 3 Name

Published Jul 16, 2005

What’s in a name? American Audio has given its powered subwoofer satellite speaker system a new one – the Tri Pack. Formerly called the Impact 3, the system’s name change was implemented to avoid possible conflicts with other products, according to Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies, parent to American Audio.

“With an expanding global market for American Audio gear, we want to ensure that our nomenclature reflects the proprietary identity and exclusivity of our products throughout the world,” commented Davies. “The name Tri Pack has been extensively researched on an international scale and has been determined not to conflict with any existing product on the market.

“Apart from the name, there’s been no change to the speaker system itself,” added Davies. “The Tri Pack continues to deliver the powerful bass sound with real extreme lows that today’s DJs and entertainers are looking for.”

To paraphrase Shakespeare, this 3-piece speaker system by any other name still sounds as full and thunderous at the bottom end. Consisting of a 15” powered subwoofer and two 8” 2-way satellite speakers, the Tri Pack is ideal for DJs and mobile entertainers who want a big booming bass in a compact, affordable package.

The Tri Pack’s 300-watt subwoofer is equipped with a 3-channel amplifier for revved-up roaring lows that will bring down the house. The subwoofer amp also drives the two 180-watt satellite speakers, each of which includes a 1” high frequency driver for crisp, sparkling highs. An adjustable electronic crossover is built into the subwoofer, giving users total control over the system’s wide-ranging low end for maximum flexibility.

Not only is the Tri Pack system powerful, it’s also very portable. Designed for mobile users, it stacks up neatly into one compact unit, with the satellite speakers fitting on top of the subwoofer cabinet, held in place by a securing strap. The subwoofer cabinet is on wheels for easy transport, while built-in handles on both the subwoofer and speakers make setup and teardown a breeze. As another convenience, each satellite speaker includes a pole socket to accommodate a speaker stand (sold separately).

In addition to not having to break their backs, DJs and mobile entertainers won’t have to break their budgets with the Tri Pack system. The suggested retail price of the Tri Pack system -- including 15” powered subwoofer, two 8” satellite speakers, and all required linking cables -- is just $999.95.

The Tri Pack subwoofer has a frequency response of 40~500Hz, and its crossover frequency is 40~500Hz adjustable. It measures 28"L x 21.5"W x 23"H and weighs 92.5 lbs.

Specifications for the Tri Pack System’s two satellite speakers include 96dB@1W/1M sensitivity, 80~19,000Hz frequency response and a crossover frequency of 3,500Hz. Featuring single speakon inputs, each satellite speaker measures 23.5"L x 15.3"W x 23"H and weighs 20.9 lbs.

The suggested retail price of the Tri Pack system is $999.95.

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