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American Audio 4-Channel MX-1400 A Mixer To Rave About

Published Jul 19, 2007

American Audio has unleashed two incredibly versatile new 14-inch club mixers: the MX-1400, and the MX-1400 DSP with built-in digital effects. Loaded with a multitude of professional features, these amazing 4-channel boards are perfect for mobile DJs, club DJs and remixers to use with all styles of music, from Rave, to Hip-Hop, to classic tunes. The highly affordable mixers are also a killer value, as users can rely on them to perform a diverse range of functions.

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For starters, the MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP offer extreme ease of connectivity. Each includes 2 Phono, 4 Line and 4 Aux inputs on the recessed back panel, enough to accommodate any DJ’s complete setup of playback units — including turntables, CD players and even tape decks. In addition, 3 Mic inputs give you to the ability to mix karaoke performances, rapping, emceeing and announcements. A front-panel RCA auxiliary input jack is designed to accept portable MP3 players and satellite radio receivers, so you can mix using virtually any audio source.

For even greater versatility and ease of connectivity, the MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP are equipped with a matrix input selector. This rare and very useful feature allows you to play any input through any channel, making it easier than ever to “mix it all up.”

The MX-1400 DSP offers the added power of onboard digital signal processing. It includes 8 onboard effects -- Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Auto Filter, Manual Filter, Transform, Pitch Shifter and Auto Pan. Users can access and manipulate these professional-quality effects and assign them to any channel or Mic input. Time and Depth parameter adjustments give you the power to dial up the exact amount and duration of each effect used in the mix. Effects can also be overlaid on top of the music to produce a variety of creative sounds on the fly.

Another special feature of the MX-1400 DSP is Beat Synced Effects, which automatically syncs up the beats of your tracks with each other and with the built-in effects. This is another rare feature, not readily found on mixers in this price range.

“This mixer is truly the flagship of the American Audio line,” said Tom Freret, national sales manger for American Audio. “We have listened as professional club DJs, mobile DJs and remixers have told us what is missing from their mixers. We have put everything they need into the MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP. Among the many useful features we have included are XLR booth outputs, Auto BPM Counter, Beat Synced Effects, Matrix Input and super long life faders. I sincerely feel that this mixer offers an amazing value for the dollar.”

Other great features contribute to the tremendous versatility of both the MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP. Fader Q-Start allows for complete compatibility with most American Audio CD players. Stream Flow LED indicators let users check levels and other audio information at a glance, even in dark nightclubs. Superior microphone circuitry and long-lasting faders contribute to the overall high quality of these two mixers.

A Trim Output control on the rear of each unit lets club owners and installers set a limit on how high the master volume can go, protecting everybody’s ears as well as the rest of the gear in the audio chain. Both mixers also feature digital output (S/PDIF) and balanced RCA outputs for added user convenience.

The MX-1400 has a suggested retail price of $419.95. It measures 14”L x 12.5”W x 3.25”H and weighs 14 lbs.

The MX-1400 DSP has a suggested retail price of $599.95. It measures 14”L x 12.5”W x 3.25”H and weighs 15 lbs.

For more information, contact American Audio, 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA 90058; (800) 322-6337; fax: (323) 582-2610; Web: http://www.americanaudio.us

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