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All-New Cerwin-Vega! ‘Intense’ Portable Loudspeaker Line AT NAMM 2005

Published Jan 24, 2005

Cerwin-Vega! today announced the introduction of its all-new INTENSE line of portable sound reinforcements products. The products will make their North American debut at the NAMM Show in Anaheim this week.

The line is comprised of three new models with high levels of user-researched features, including titanium compression drivers, plywood cabinets and Cerwin-Vega’s exclusive HighRoad horns for dramatically improved high-end performance and clarity.

All-New Cerwin-Vega! ‘Intense’ Portable Loudspeaker Line AT NAMM 2005-Body

“The INTENSE line represents a real step forward for Cerwin-Vega! and gives our customers a highly competitive alternative to the more traditional product lines in this segment”, said Domenic Buonincontri, General Manager, Cerwin-Vega!. “For the first time, we are able to produce an entry level line with the look and the feature sets usually found only in systems costing far more. As a result, INTENSE is now the one to beat in this highly competitive product category.”

The INT-152 is an 8-Ohm, 2-way, 15-inch passive reflex design featuring Cerwin-Vega’s exclusive HighRoad horns for unprecedented sound clarity. Rated at 600 watts, with a frequency response of 50-Hz to 20kHz, the 152 is ideally suited as a stand-alone SR solution or for augmenting with the Int-118S subwoofer.

The INT-252 is a 4-Ohm design that features two 15-inch woofers with 2.5 inch high temperature voice coils and Cerwin-Vega’s all-new HighRoad horns. Rated at 1000 watts with a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz, the model 252 gives users the flexibility to use it as a stand alone, arrayed or in conjunction with the 118S subwoofer.

The INT-118S subwoofer features a single 18-inch transducer with a cast aluminum frame for added strength and reliability. This exceptional subwoofer employs a

3-inch voice coil for sustained power handling, the largest in its class. With a frequency response of 38 Hz to 500 Hz, the 118S is rated at 500 watts and can provide ample low-end fullness for a wide variety of SR applications.

“Our new INTENSE line continues to demonstrate the direction that the

Cerwin-Vega! brand is headed,” said Buonincontri. “Premium feature sets, the finest materials and construction as well as highly competitive pricing is what we promise our customers. We’re very proud of this new line and believe that it offers a real alternative to the product currently available in the market.”

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