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Allen & Heath Online Merchandise Store

Published Jan 16, 2006

UK mixer manufacturer, Allen & Heath, has launched a new online merchandise store, enabling UK customers to browse and buy A&H branded goods online from the Company's website.

Stock includes T-shirts, hoodies, Mag-Lites(r), hats, slip mats, pens and bags, which can be delivered into the UK direct from Allen & Heath's headquarters in Cornwall. Secure payment processing is provided by Paypal(tm) but customers do not need a Paypal account to make a purchase.

"When our users buy an Allen & Heath product, they feel they are buying into the brand, not just acquiring a piece of kit; consequently, we frequently receive requests from customers to buy branded paraphernalia," comments Allen & Heath's marketing manager, Debbie Maxted. "The new online store makes our customers' purchase of these goods very easy. We have opened the store offering our most popular items but we will continue to add items to expand the range over the next few months."

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