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AKG Introduces New Ultra-Light Mobile Headphones At NAMM 2005

Published Jan 20, 2005

The new K 12 P and K 14 P ear buds, along with the K 26 P and K 24 P folding mini-headphones, provide incredibly powerful sound in comfortable, lightweight packages at high-value prices. Their sleek European styling and packaging shows off beautifully integrated colors, finishes and contours.

The K 12 P and K 14 P are distinguished from ordinary ear buds by their style and sound. With specially-developed ear pads of acoustically transparent foam, they deliver clearly better sound than conventional ear buds. Both models come in very attractive, compact plastic cases with cable-winders for storage when they’re not in use. Their environment-friendly PVC-free cables are extremely rugged, won’t kink, and are terminated with hard gold plated jacks. The K 14 P features an in-line volume control for hassle-free level adjustments, advanced acoustical design for optimum sound quality, and a soft-touch finish.

3-D Axis, an AKG design innovation, gives the K 26 P and K 24 P mini-headphones unsurpassed ease of transport and wearing comfort. In two easy steps, both models fold up to fit inside a carrying bag that is smaller than a pair of sunglasses. Gimbals allow the ear cups to fold flat inside the retractable headband. The headband sports rubber pads for a comfortable, secure fit. The K 24 P has AKG’s classic open-back design for excellent imaging and solid low-end response, with washable ear pads. The K 26 P is a closed-back headphone that delivers impressive ambient noise attenuation and has skin-compatible leatherette ear pads that are easy to replace and clean. The K 26 P, the most substantial of the four new models, weighs only 2.6 oz.

The excellent performance and leading-edge style of the new AKG Mobile Headphones will add a new dimension to music listening, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. AKG backs all four mobile headphones with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. Their low impedance and high sensitivity are perfect matches for portable audio devices and laptop computers. The combination of compact size, light weight and superior sound makes any of the new AKG offerings an excellent upgrade for serious listeners using iPods and other portable music players.

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