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American DJ's Bubble Blast Uses Two Dual-Fan Systems

Published Oct 10, 2003

Lawrence Welk, move over. Soon it will be raining bubbles galore at parties everywhere, when DJs fire up the mother of all bubble machines--American DJ's new Bubble Blast. A heavy-duty bubble machine with massive output, the Bubble Blast uses dual-fan technology to create hundreds of bubbles per minute.

Not only does the Bubble Blast blast out more bubbles, it also shoots them higher into the air, where revelers can better admire their sparkle and effervescence. That's because the innovative machine is equipped with a secondary dual-fan lift system that raises the bubbles upward as they come pouring out of its two wand chambers.

Perfect for New Year's Eve celebrations, grand openings, theatrical productions, birthday parties or any festive occasion that calls for an attention-getting special effect, the Bubble Blast carries a list price of only $399.95.

"The Bubble Blast generates a huge volume of bubbles, and does it fast," said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Cos. "You've never seen so many bubbles in your life. And best of all, the Bubble Blast is incredibly easy to use."

The Bubble Blast comes with a convenient remote control, which allows the user to adjust its bubble output from any location in the room. Included on the remote unit are both a Duration knob and an Interval knob. The Duration knob controls the time span of bubble production and is adjustable from 1-10 seconds. The Interval knob allows the period between bubble outputs to be set at anywhere from 5-10 seconds. Using these two controls, the operator can tweak the unit to create sudden bursts of bubbles, or simply set it and leave it to generate a steady stream of dancing bubbles all night long.

"The remote control is a convenient feature that DJs and special-event producers will truly appreciate," Davies said. "It gives them the freedom to monitor and control the Bubble Blast's bubble output from a distance."

The Bubble Blast runs on most types of bubble liquid. It includes a top-load filling container and a drainage valve system that allow for easy setup and a minimum of cleanup. Built-in wheels and dual handles help make transportation of the Bubble Blast easy and hassle-free.

The unit measures 18.25"L x 15.5"W x 18.5"H and weighs 32 lbs Suggested retail price of the Bubble Blast is $399.95.

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