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Behringer Launches Tweakalizer Dfx69

Published Oct 29, 2003

High-End Dj Effects Processor With Real-Time Control

PLASA, London—BEHRINGER introduces a brand-new desktop DJ effects machine with six simultaneous functions and a super-intuitive user interface. The TWEAKALIZER DFX69 (GBP 106.00 incl. 17.5 % VAT MSRP) features an incredible real-time scratch function for any input signal and a super-fast and accurate auto-BPM counter. With its virtually inaudible Pitch Transposer to correct track speed adjustments and a breathtaking LFO-controlled effects section with delay and flanger, the new DFX69 is an amazing DJ effects machine. Shipping is expected the 1st Quarter of 2004.

The TWEAKALIZER offers awesome filter effects with 3 filter types (low, high and band pass), 3 filter modes (auto, manual and LFO) and separate resonance control. Its groove and BPM-related loop sampler with up to 16 seconds of memory and ultra-steep 3-band kill EQ (-40 dB) with separate cut buttons per band round out the DFX69's professional feature set. The switchable phono/line input with built-in high-precision phono preamplifier faciliate connection of turntables and CD sources.

The processor's signal/effect balance and input gain controls provide absolute flexibility. Last but not least, ultra high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and a high-performance 24/48-bit DSP ensure ultimate sonic resolution, while gold-plated RCA connectors guarantee excellent and consistent audio quality. Like all gear from BEHRINGER, the TWEAKALIZER's ultra-rugged construction promises reliable function for years of use under the most demanding club conditions.

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