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TASCAM'S X-17 Professional DJ Mixer

Published Oct 29, 2003

Montebello, CA (October 1, 2003): Designed for professional mobile and club DJs, the TASCAM DJ X-17 is an innovative four channel DJ mixer that combines powerful features, excellent sound quality, great reliability and high value.

The X-17's flexible design offers four switchable phono/line inputs as well as four dedicated line inputs. It also has two mic inputs, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA master outputs and 3-band EQ with full cut on each channel. You'll also get a set of pro features like fader start on all four channels, dedicated booth and record outputs and VCA faders with a replaceable crossfader. Plus, the X-17 is intended to easily fit into a compact mobile DJ or club system, with standard 19" 4U rackmount enclosures.

The X-17 is the world's first DJ mixer with an onboard compact flash slot to save and recall samples with just the touch of a button. The 3 bank sampler is perfect for recording and saving your favorite vocal I.D.'s sampled straight from the X-17's MIC inputs, or sound effects or music loops from any of the X-17's input sources.

"We have discovered that many mobile DJ's love the X-17's sampler not just for music loops but for vocal and sound effects samples as well!" Says TASCAM DJ Product Channel Manager Davey Dave. "A lot of mobile DJ's interact with the crowd by playing different versions of game shows such as Jeopardy or other trivia based games. The X-17's sampler and compact flash slot is perfect for saving and recalling game show sound effects such as the famous wrong answer buzz, a winning chime, or thinking music such as the Jeopardy theme." "Because the X-17 can load and playback three samples at any given time, it is the perfect tool for this application!"

Additionally, the X-17 offers other professional features like front-panel aux input and output jacks with individual level controls, crossfader reverse switch, an effects send/return interface and more making it an excellent choice for both mobile DJ'ing as well as club DJ work.

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