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Stanton Now Shipping The New Smx-301 Dj Mixer

Published Oct 29, 2003

Hollywood, FL - October 15, 2003 —Stanton Now Shipping The New Smx-301 Dj Mixer With gain controls and 3-band EQ on each channel—plus user-replaceable faders, balanced Booth and Master outputs, convenient kill switches and more—the SMX-301 has everything club and mobile DJs need for precise mixing and superb sound quality.

There are plenty of 3-channel DJ mixers on the market, but none with audio specs like the SMX-301. Thanks to Stanton's new engineering efforts and revolutionary SST technology, the SMX-301 boasts ultra low-noise circuitry, low distortion, and virtually no bleed through across channels. No other mixer in this price range can match the sonic quality of the SMX-301—a difference that is becoming more critical with professional DJs.

Aside from sound quality, the SMX-301 offers a great feature set designed with club and mobile DJs in mind. The SMX-301 can accommodate up to three turntables, six line-level sources and a microphone. Each of the three input channels offers rotary gain controls and 3-band EQ, making it easy to match levels and adjust the tone (the Mic channel also sports a 3-band EQ). Inputs can be monitored via PFL cue switches—complete with a Cue Pan control for splitting the signal in headphones.
The SMX-301 also includes three individual kill switches each for Channels 1 and 3. Located on the left and right sides of the Master fader, these controls make it easy to isolate or remove frequencies from the mix. DJs will also appreciate having the choice of 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo Headphones jacks, plus balanced Booth and Master outputs (1/4-inch) for professional applications. Like all Stanton mixers, the crossfader and channel faders are user-replaceable.

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