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American Audio's New WM-UHF16 Wireless Mic

Published Jul 25, 2003

Have you ever been on stage emcee-ing, only to have your wireless microphone system pick up a transmission from a mic in the room next door and spew out noisy, irritating static? Crossed signals are a common and annoying problem for wireless mic users, but now American Audio is offering a solution.

The company has introduced the WM-UHF16, a single wireless microphone system with 16 selectable UHF frequencies. Just by adjusting knobs on the mic and receiver, the DJ or emcee can select any one of 16 different UHF frequencies to transmit on.

With the WM-UHF16, there's no problem if someone nearby is using a wireless mic on the same frequency as you. Simply take the small channel selector tool that's included with the system, and turn the mic and receiver knobs to change to another frequency. With 16 different frequencies to choose from, you're bound to find one that no one else is using - and be assured of a clear, clean transmission, free of interfering signals from other mics.

"Many times, a DJ will be working a wedding or party at a large banquet hall with lots of events going on, and someone will be using a wireless mic in every room," observed John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "All of those signals can create some pretty bad static and be a real embarrassment to the person talking on stage.

"We introduced the WM-UHF16 so that DJs and announcers won't have to worry about this problem. Because they have 16 possible frequencies to use, they can always feel confident about having extreme clarity in their transmissions, no matter how many other mics are being used in the immediate vicinity."

Great for DJs, emcees, bands, speakers, business meetings and other presentations, the WM-UHF16 is a complete microphone-receiver system with a wireless range of up to 150 feet. It includes a small channel selector tool for changing frequencies, which is conveniently hidden inside the bottom of the mic, so it's always "at the user's fingertips." The changing of frequencies can be done in a matter of seconds simply by inserting the tool's tip into knobs on the mic and on the front of the receiver, and turning them a few degrees.

The WM-UHF16 features XLR balanced and ¼" unbalanced outputs. The system also includes On/Off/Mute controls on the mic, and On and Low Battery LED indicators. Signal to noise ratio is more than 95db. Frequency channels range from 471.000-481.650MHz. A 12V DC power supply is included.

Manufacturers list price of the WM-UHF16 Wireless Microphone System is $219.95.

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