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Numark Announces 5000fx Tabletop DJ Mixer

Published Jul 24, 2003

Numark introduces the 5000FX, a 5-channel DJ mixer with sampling, scratching, and effects. Featuring high-quality analog mixing and sophisticated digital functionality in a 14" high by 12" wide tabletop design, the 5000FX is perfect for club and tabletop DJ users.

The 5000FX offers live audio and sampler scratching, plus 30 seconds of high-quality sampling with pitch adjustment and Smart Loop. Loops can be automatically synced to audio via Beatkeeper™ technology. Digital effects include chop, echo, delay, isolate/kill/vocal kill, distortion, and sonar. An interactive Scratch/Effect/Pitch Wheel allows responsive scratching, smooth effect transitions, and precise pitch adjustment for locking samples to the tempo of incoming music. Additional features include dual BPM meters, 18 Seconds of audio buffering, fader start, and a replaceable crossfader with adjustable slope for tight cuts or gradual crossfades.

The flexible configuration of the 5000FX includes 5 channels with 3 phono, 9 line (3 switchable to phono), and 2 mic inputs—including a top-mounted Neutrik jack that accommodates both XLR and _" connectors. Each of the 5 channels includes independent bass, mid, and treble EQ controls with frequency kills, and pre-fader level meters. Outputs include XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced master, zone, booth, record, and S/PDIF digital. The 5000FX boasts a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 96dB at line level.

Numark Industries is the world's leading brand of professional DJ equipment. Numark is known for providing breakthrough products for professional DJs in over 100 countries. Since 1971, Numark has designed and delivered innovative products and numerous industry "firsts."

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