Nov 28, 2023

Numark 200fx Rack Mount DJ Mixer

Published Jul 24, 2003

Numark announces the 200FX, a 19" rack-mount DJ mixer with integrated DSP. Building upon Numark's popular CM200 mixer, the new 200FX offers 4 channels of high-quality analog mixing plus digital reverbs and effects from Alesis. With its five microphone inputs, the 200FX excels as both a club DJ mixer and karaoke mixer.

The 200FX includes 16 professional digital effect algorithms especially suited for vocals. Reverb types include hall, room, plate, and gated, enabling the simulation of virtually any ambiance. Other effects include chorus, flanger, echo, chorus/reverb, and rotary. The effect level is adjustable via a wet/dry control.

Configured with 4 channels plus DJ mic control, the 200FX includes 5 microphone, 5 line, and 3 phono inputs. Every channel includes steep 3-band EQ. The 200FX has balanced XLR master outputs plus record and zone outputs. Both split and blend cueing are available, as well as PFL gain adjust, and panning on the master fader. The crossfader is replaceable and assignable, and the 200FX offers fader start.

Numark Industries is the world's leading brand of professional DJ equipment. Numark is known for providing breakthrough products for professional DJs in over 100 countries. Since 1971, Numark has designed and delivered innovative products and numerous industry "firsts."
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