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Waves Adds Ir-L Convolution Reverb

Published Dec 3, 2005

Waves Ltd., the leading manufacturer of audio DSP processing and plug-ins, is pleased to announce that it has added its IR-L Convolution Reverb plug-in to six of its most popular bundles. These include: Native Power Pack; Renaissance Maxx; Gold Bundle; Platinum Bundle; Diamond Bundle; and the Broadcast & Production Bundle.

The IR-L accurately reproduces the captured sound of real acoustic spaces — some of the greatest concert halls, auditoriums, theaters, recording studios, churches, clubs, amphitheaters and rooms in the world. Combining the natural flavor of convolution reverb and the flexibility of simulated reverb, the IR series offers an intuitive user interface via the traditional reverb parameters for unmatched control.

The IR-L is Waves’ entry level IR series plug-in, which uses the same convolution engine and samples found in Waves award-winning IR-1 Convolution Reverb plug-in, but with a more basic feature set. It can be upgraded to either the IR-1 or IR-360. Controls include Reverb Time with a ratio of 1:0.25; Convolution Start/Length controls; Direct in/out; Global pre-delay to all IR components; Latency display and Dry delay; Dry/wet control; Crosstalk; Output; and graphical display of IR properties. In addition, IR-L users have access to the http://www.acoustics.net/ site, which provides them with a large, varied collection of captured impulse responses of historic and important acoustic environments.

Existing owners of the Native Power Pack, Renaissance Maxx, Broadcast & Production, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Bundles can get the IR-L Convolution Reverb free under the Waves Update Plan. Also, customers upgrading to one of the six bundles listed will automatically receive IR-L when they register their upgrade.

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