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Published Sep 13, 2006

Propellerhead’s Reason 3 has proven to be one of the most innovative programs on the market for electronic music production in genres ranging from hip-hop and dance, to IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and trance. So much so that this year’s Decibel Festival multimedia event in Seattle, WA (Sept. 14-17) will feature a workshop illuminating the power of Reason 3—in conjunction with Mackie’s C4 controller. The third annual Decibel Festival features over 80 musical acts in venues throughout the city, reflecting the growing interest in multimedia production. The demo is slated for September 16th at the Broadway Performance Hall and will be conducted by Propellerhead’s product specialist, Hayden Bursk.

“Since its release in 2000, Reason has found its way into the hands of some of the most innovative musicians, composers, and electronic music producers in the world,” says Robert Pointer Director of U.S. Markets for Propellerhead. “It can be heard on countless dance and techno recordings as well as numerous film scores. In addition to being a powerful workstation for music production, Reason is also finding its way into live performance and we felt that the Decibel Festival was the perfect venue to showcase its merits.”

"We're pleased to have Propellerhead's involved with the 1st Annual Db Conference,” says Sean Horton, Db Festival curator. “For years now, Reason has provided electronic music producers with incredible flexibility in one user friendly interface."

Reason 3.0 is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. And it's more than just a set of excellent synths and effects. It's a complete music system. With 32 rotary V-pot encoders, four 55 x 2 character LCDs, LED rings for every V-pot and dozens of intuitive control features, the Mackie C4 controller is the perfect sidekick for Reason.

For more information on the forthcoming Decibel Festival, please visit http://www.decibelfestival.com

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