Sep 29, 2023

Paul Oakenfold Enlists Korg For Extreme TV

Published Nov 18, 2004

Paul Oakenfold is one of today’s most respected and accomplished dance music artists. Generally recognized as one of the best DJs in the world, he has an impressive array of other titles as well — producer, remixer, record label founder, songwriter and film scorer (most recently, he contributed music to the new Tom Cruise movie, Collateral).

In October 2004, Oakenfold appeared as one of the characters in a new reality TV program called The Club, which was centered around the Las Vegas nightclub ICE. Assisting him was Korg’s new TRITON Extreme music workstation, which Oakenfold requested for his work on the TV show. He found the Extreme to be an indispensable creative tool, commenting, “The Korg TRITON Extreme keyboard is a crucial necessity for any serious musician, producer, studio or production facility. The interface is a breeze and the sound design abilities are extreme. It’s a very cool workstation system.”

The TV show featured Oakenfold creating new music on the Extreme in his L.A. studio, as well as meeting with key club personnel to workout new strategies, and finally, performing his music for the club’s party crowds.

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