Nov 29, 2023

ModernBeats releases "BeatVox Drumz 1" Sample Library

Published Jan 12, 2006 has just released the new ‘BeatVox Drumz 1’ drum sample library for all major Mac and PC software samplers.

‘BeatVox Drumz 1’ contains over 200 unique vocal drum samples. Each vocal drum sample was produced by merging classic beatbox expressions alongside modern hip hop drum texture modeling, resulting in some of the most innovative hip hop vocal drums and effects ever heard.

‘BeatVox Drumz 1’ is organized into 6 innovative, easy-to-play presets all with matching drum kit layouts. Each preset contains on average 12 kicks, 10 snares, and 12 percussion sounds recorded, produced, and edited from a variety of professionally trained lips. Some of the set’s unique vocal textures include deep subbass kicks, agressive attack kicks, airy/breathy kicks, rims, sticks, claps, deep snares, airy vocal snares, pops, tongue clicks, lip smacks, closed-open hats, crash cymbals, splash cymbals, spits, vocal water drops, shakers, and breaths. BeatVox Drumz 1 can be used either as the driving force of drums behind a whole mix, or as an creative compliment to a production’s feel!

The soundset is sold as a multi-format product for all major software samplers. Native formats include HALion, EXS24, Kontakt, Battery, Reason’s NN-XT, SF2, and Wav.

‘BeatVox Drumz 1’ is available as a download for $29.95, or can be ordered on CD-ROM.

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