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Korg Unveils Digital Recorder

Published Jul 26, 2005

Korg announces the D3200 Digital Recording Studio, the latest addition to its D-series line. The D3200 provides unique professional features and studio quality audio in a compact and cost-effective package. From initial tracking sessions to finished master CD, artists, producers and songwriters can create finished projects all within the self-contained D3200.

Up to 12 tracks can be recorded at once, allowing a complete band to be recorded all in a single pass (a first in its class). The D3200 provides up to 32 tracks of digital audio playback at 16- or 24-bit resolution at sample rates of either 44.1 or 48 kHz.

Two new Korg exclusives — a powerful 4x4 Knob Matrix of assignable real-time control knobs, and ClickPoint™, an innovative new 3-axis fingertip navigation tool — provide quick and intuitive operation. In addition, a high-resolution 320 x 240-pixel tilt-up LCD provides a clear icon-driven display that uses 4-level grayscale shading and backlit illumination for enhanced visibility.

Another Korg innovation, Session Drums™ allows users to intuitively create realistic, dynamic drum tracks in real time via the Knob Matrix, eliminating the need for time-consuming programming. A Tap Tempo feature allows the Session Drums to accurately sync up with previously recorded tracks.

The D3200 features a flexible 12-bus, 44-channel mixer with up to 69-bit internal processing resolution for incomparable audio quality. 4-band parametric peak/shelving EQ is provided on channels 1 through 24 as well as the master outputs. Channels 25-32 (as well as the submixer inputs) feature a 2-band shelving EQ. Automated mixing lets users record and play back fader, pan and other mixer events. In addition, 100 scene memories provide finely detailed snapshot automation. Sophisticated digital editing capabilities are included for crafting, fine-tuning and arranging audio.

Eleven high-quality 56-bit effects (eight insert, two master and one final) are available simultaneously, utilizing 52 effects algorithms, including Korg’s proprietary REMS modeling technology. 128 preset programs and 128 user locations are provided, as well as an additional 32 user programs within each song. All effects can be easily tweaked and edited using the Knob Matrix.

Twelve 1/4” inputs are standard, and eight also feature XLR connectors with independently switched phantom power. A dedicated hi-Z 1/4” input is provided for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Optical format S/PDIF digital I/O is included as well. Data may be stored on the built-in 40 GB hard drive, or easily transferred to a computer-based DAW for backup or editing using USB2.0 connectivity. The internal CD-RW drive can be used for backup, audio CD playback and importing WAV-format audio, as well as for burning a final mixed and mastered version of a project directly to CD for duplication or distribution.


The Korg D3200 is available in August at a U.S. MSRP of $1799.

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