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Jason McGerr Sessions Now Available from Propellerhead Software

Published Dec 7, 2007

Propellerhead Software and Drummerheads today announced the Jason McGerr Sessions ReFill for Reason version 4. Jason McGerr, the drummer of Death Cab for Cutie, as well as a producer and owner of Two Stick studios, has been long time fan and user of Reason. Now he has created a versatile collection of acoustic drum loops and hyper-sampled drum kits designed for flexible and creative music production for Reason users.

The Jason McGerr Sessions ReFill consists of drum kits and REX loops covering a wide range of styles, all with an alternative feel. McGerr himself performed and recorded all material, in the very studio with the same instruments and recording equipment used to record the drums for the upcoming Death Cab for Cutie album. Inspired by Propellerhead’s Hypersampling approach used in Reason Drum Kits 2, Jason McGerr Sessions takes a completely unique approach to working with drum loops and drum samples. This ReFill offers both a large collection of REX Loops along with highly detailed samples of the drums used in recording those loops. That means that song construction with drum loops is a breeze, and adding detail, breaks and fills to the loops, which previously had been a challenge, is now a snap. Users can build up songs with the REX Loops and then use the multi-sampled kits to make the drum sounds their own.

The ReFill enables balancing close and ambient mics to sculpt the sound. Using vintage and state-of-the-art equipment combined with carefully selected instruments, the loops and drum kits offer great character as well as pristine audio quality.

“When the opportunity came up to contribute content for a new ReFill for Reason 4, I looked around at all the equipment I owned and the fact that I had just built a new recording studio focused on drums and said… ABSOLUTELY,” says Jason McGerr. “To be able to make REX loops that feel great, and then supplement them with sequenced parts made up of the same instruments and acoustics is a dream come true.”

Jason McGerr Sessions ReFill product features:

More than 450 unique REX loop variations in styles ranging from straight-up pop, Hip-Hop to live played Glitch. The grooves come with fills, lead-ins and endings, each with their own close and ambient mic’d versions. Total number of REX loops is over 900.

  • Over 2,000 individual drum samples
  • Three different ambient mic’d versions of the drum kit that can used on their own or in various combinations
  • Two multiple-velocity snare sample collections that include ghost notes, drags and rolls
  • One kick drum recorded at multiple velocities with both felt and plastic beaters playing into and off the drumhead
  • 18 song starters to quickly make the most of this new ReFill
  • 40 MIDI files for use with all of the included drum kits
  • 38 ReDrum patches
  • 12 Effects patches
  • 38 NN-XT patches
  • More than 25 Combinator patches including various Style Kits and Drum Machine performance patches

The Jason McGerr Sessions ReFill is the second title in the Creator Series line of quality third-party ReFills available exclusively online from www.propellerheads.se/creatorseries <http://www.propellerheads.se/creatorseries> . Published and released by Propellerhead Software, the Creator Series ReFills are created by top producers, artists, musicians and sound designers from all over the globe, all with their own unique styles, skills and flavors. All Creator Series ReFills are created specifically for Reason and contain easy to use templates and Combinator patches that make full use of Reason's features and functions.

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