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Gc Pro Provides Chung King Studios With Pro Tools® And Pro Advice

Published Oct 31, 2005

Chung King Studios, one of the world’s premiere recording facilities and home to scores of platinum recordings by artists including Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and Will.i.am. of the Black Eyed Peas, has purchased three fully-loaded Digidesign® Pro Tools®|HD systems through GC Pro, the dedicated professional audio division of Guitar Center, Inc. (Nasdaq: GTRC), America’s leading musical instrument and professional audio retailer. The three systems, including several new Apple® G5 computers and 23-inch Cinema display monitors, were bought over the last several months and installed in three of Chung King’s five main recording and mixing studios. Chung King’s technical staff handled the installation process. In the future, Chung King Studios plan to purchase additional Pro Tools systems through GC Pro to meet demands of the facility, which has been one of New York’s top recording destinations for over 20 years.

They take care of us, plain and simple

“They take care of us, plain and simple,” comments John King, Founder, Owner and CEO of Chung King. “We know a lot of the people at GC Pro because the company understands the benefit to customers like us of having people who are very familiar with the studio community here. We know them, they know us. That’s a great way to do business.”

King continues, “GC Pro account manager Blue Wilding is a familiar face to New York pro audio professionals. Blue and I went back and forth many times over the details of these purchases — he’s a total pro.” Studio Manager Glen Swan agrees with King, “Blue took the time and effort to make sure we were getting exactly the components we needed in exactly the right configurations. In that way, GC Pro has become a great resource for us, not only for equipment but also for advice.” King adds that every studio needs to make certain it’s getting the best deal possible, so he also shopped prices for the same equipment elsewhere. The results reinforced to him the advantage of shopping through GC Pro. “GC Pro offered us the best deal, by far,” he states. “When you add that to the high level of service and knowledge that we can access through them you see why GC Pro is our number one resource.”

John King is planning to build an additional five to six demo rooms for his newly formed Chung King Records. “Currently I am looking at an additional location in the tri-state area to build our demo rooms for Chung King Records,” King commented. “And when it comes time to outfit those studios, GC Pro will be my sole source for my equipment needs.”

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