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Vjay for the iPad Released

Published Jun 8, 2012

Algoriddim, creators of the popular djay apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today announced the launch of vjay – a cutting edge way of creating, performing and sharing one-of-a-kind music and video media mash-ups. Directly integrated with the media libraries on the iPad, vjay allows users to take their favorite videos, music, and music videos and combine them simultaneously into an interactive audio visual experience.  The first of its kind on the iPad, vjay lets users get creative with their content, display directly to a TV, stream wirelessly via Apple TV, or record their performances live to share on their favorite social channels.

At the heart of Algoriddim’s design philosophy is the combination of creative expression with intuitive technology, and vjay is the newest way for people to express themselves, unlocking amazing new artistic opportunities for anyone.  The app takes the streamlined touch-screen interface and innovative technology of Algoriddim’s popular djay app and applies it to mixing videos and music in real-time, so anyone can easily get creative through unique music and video mash-ups.

“Until now, viewing music videos has been a passive one way media experience,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “Now, with vjay, we’ve developed a whole new way of putting the power of professional-level video and audio creation software into the hands of everyday people for stellar live performances. It is a really magical experience to be able to literally ‘touch’ your favorite music videos and it is simple enough so anyone can create amazing masterpieces.”

Some key features of vjay include:

-          Real-time video transition, audio visuals effects – vjay comes with stunning audio & video effects, looping tools, visual transitions, and real-time VideoScratch.

-          Integration with iTunes Store to preview and purchase artist music videos – Preview and purchase music videos from within the app and easily build a library of content.

-          One-touch recording and sharing – With a simple touch of a button, easily save creations to the iPad and share with friends.

-          Support for external displays through Digital A/V adaption (HDMI) and AirPlay – Easily plug into a TV and stream videos wirelessly to Apple TV.

-          Built-in camera integration - Quickly record video using the built-in iPad camera and combine with your favorite song from your music library for your very own personal music video creation. 

-          Advanced Accessories Enhancements – Designed specifically to be compatible with Algoriddim’s djay and vjay software, Griffin DJ Cable and Numark iDJ Live accessories provide an enhanced user experience. Use the Griffin DJ Cable to preview audio tracks using headphones and the Numark iDJ Live for ultimate, tactile control of vjay via two large performance platters and a central mixer section with a crossfader, buttons and knobs.

-          Pre-bundled content from creative artists – Algoriddim has partnered with several amazing artists and brands to provide the vjay app with a pre-bundle of stunning videos: a music video from Parov Stelar; dance video from Lil’Buck and Yak Films; soccer video by Football duo F2; skateboarding video from Stereo Vinyl Cruisers; snowboarding video by Isenseven; a video of parkour artist group, Parkour Paris; and visual art video by VJLoops

Vjay combines the worlds of music and video in an innovative and creative way, it paves the way for the next generation of personal and professional video creativity : sharable and engaging music video creations, signals the start of the next era of music videos as we know it. To see the vjay app in action, click here for a demo video.

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