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Promo Only Announces the Release of Ambient Video Volume 4!

Published May 19, 2005

Promo Only, Inc., the nation’s largest subscriber-based music and music video service, today announced the release of Ambient Video 4, a 35-minute ambient compilation of the best of Promo Only-produced animated computer images.

Formatted to allow for both continuous and custom play, Ambient Video 4 addresses the shortcomings of most ambient collections by allowing users the choice of cycling through each of the 38 segued selections offered, or selecting the one particular screen-shot that best suits that moment’s needs.

Ambient Video 4 contains no music, affording the opportunity to easily overlay the videos onto any audio or video format and to thereby enhance the visual impact of any show or nightclub experience.

“Taking entertainment to the next level has always been what we here at Promo Only are all about,” said Pete Werner, vice-president and executive programmer director, Promo Only. “Ambient Video 4 is the ‘wow’ factor in a DVD sleeve; it’s extreme entertainment made easy.”

For more information about the Promo Only line of Ambient Videos, or any Promo Only audio or video product, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at customerservice@promoonly.com.

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