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Promo Only Announces the Release of Ambient Video Volume 3 -- Holidays!

Published Dec 10, 2004

Promo Only, Inc., the nation's largest subscriber-based music and music video service, today announced the release of Ambient Video Volume 3 Holidays, a unique collection of 78 holiday-themed ambient videos that allow users to easily add specifically targeted messages to his or her video presentation.

"You'll have all the holidays covered with this one collection," said Pete Werner, Promo Only's vice president and executive programmer director. "With video loops that celebrate every occasion from New Year's Eve to Christmas Day a simple search and cue away, Ambient Video Volume 3 allows you to dress any show to suit any celebration!"
"And to look good doing it!" added Jim Robinson, director, Promo Only. "We've designed these high-quality, state-of-the-art videos to do more than just dazzle ­ we've engineered Ambient Video 3 to further establish your reputation as a true video professional."
Many of the videos offered on Ambient Video 3 maximize the advantages those DJs and VJs who use digital video mixers enjoy. Those wishing to use either of the popular Chromakey or Lumakey video functions (similar to the green screen effects used in motion picture special effects) will find themselves able to easily blend both live footage and the appropriate Ambient Video 3 message to create their own unique and eye-catching effects.
"It's no longer enough for today's VJ or business owner to just 'play' a video," concluded Werner. "Audiences expect more of a personal touch from their favorite VJs and nightclubs. That's really what our line of Ambient Videos are all about ­ giving our subscribers the ability to offer a show uniquely their own."
Track listings include: Happy New Year's Eve Countdown (60 second lead; 30 second lead; and 10 second lead); Happy New Year; Martin Luther King Day; Groundhog Day; Mardi Gras; Valentine's Day; St. Patrick's Day; Easter; Earth Day; Mother's Day; Cinco De Mayo; Memorial Day; 4th of July; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and more!
To order, or for more information about Ambient Video Volume 3 Holidays, or any Promo Only product, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at promo@promoonly.com.

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