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Promo Only Announces new Ambient Video 2!

Published Aug 9, 2004

"Marquees & Overlays" offers messages and overlays for special events and holidays!

Promo Only, Inc., the nation's largest subscriber-based music and music video service, today announced the launch of its newest collection of ambient videos, Ambient Video 2 -- Marquees & Overlays.

"Attention is what you'll get with our latest collection," said Nick Allard, video program director, Promo Only. "As DJs and VJs ourselves, we came at Ambient Video 2 from a DJ's perspective, carefully mapping out and designing what we feel is the most complete collection of party-essential overlays and Marquee-style shout-outs in the industry."

With 55 video loops suitable for any event and tailored for every special occasion (and most holidays) Ambient Video offers what every video show needs -- impact!

"Each disc features two different types of video loops," added Victor Alicea, Promo Only's sales manager. "The first are the Marquees, or loops that offer special event messages. ‘Happy Birthday' or ‘Sweet Sixteen' would be just a couple of examples. The second type of loop -- the overlays -- offer a range of sophisticated computer-generated graphics that contain no words but can be put up on the screen for pure visual effect or even layered over other pictures."

Many of the loops offered on Ambient Video 2 are designed to maximize the advantages those DJs and VJs who use digital video mixers enjoy. Those wishing to use either of the popular Cromakey or Lumakey video functions (similar to the green screen effects used in motion picture special effects) will find themselves able to easily blend both live footage and the appropriate Ambient Video 2 message to create their own unique and eye-catching effects.

"Why say it — when you can display it?" concluded Allard. "We think our new Ambient Video 2 says it all."

For more information concerning Ambient Video 2, or for more details concerning any of Promo Only's music or music video products, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at promo@promoonly.com

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