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Promo Only Announces Hot Video Classics Best of 1984-1986 Volume 2!

Published Dec 22, 2004

Promo Only, Inc., the nation's largest subscriber-based music and music video service, today announced the release of Hot Video Classics Best of 1984-1986 Volume 2, the latest in its series of digitally restored music video classics on DVD.

Hot Video Classics Best of 1984-1986 Volume 2 marks the 22nd specialty DVD from Promo Only, and, like each of its predecessors, features the same high quality classic music videos that have made Hot Video Classics the industry benchmark for quality, selection and reliability.

"We're extremely gratified at the response our Classics have received thus far," said Pete Werner, Promo Only's vice-president and executive programmer. "And more than a little proud to again offer such a great collection of classics."

"That we've been able to do so again so quickly without sacrificing the quality and selection we demand of each Hot Video Classic gives us no small measure of satisfaction as well," added Promo Only director, Jim Robinson.

Featuring 38 digitally restored music videos, Best of 1984-1986 Volume 2's track listings include such timeless classics as: What's Love Got To Do With It?, Tina Turner; Pride (In The Name Of Love), U2; Let's Go All The Way, Sly Fox; Legs, ZZ Top; I Can't Wait, Nu Shooz; Kiss, Prince & The Revolution; Like A Virgin, Madonna; and We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off, Jermaine Stewart.

Concluded Werner: "Bottom line, Best of 1984-1986 is about great music and good times; about
the fun, the fashion and the music that were the best part of the '80s -- with the crispness, clarity, and convenience that only Promo Only can offer."

For further information regarding Hot Video Classics Best of 1984-1986 Volume 2, or for details concerning any Promo Only product, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at promo@promoonly.com.

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