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Pioneer Launches Revolutionary Dvj-X1

Published Nov 13, 2003
Pioneer proved that we have our finger on the pulse of today’s club scene when we forged the path from vinyl to CD in the world of dance music

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced the future of DJ technology with its new DVJ-X1 digital audio and video turntable. This groundbreaking product allows users to manipulate and playback synchronized digital audio and video in a way that will revolutionize the DJ industry.

By imitating the form and functionality of Pioneer’s digital CD turntables like the CDJ-1000MK2, Pioneer is making it simple for digital DJs to adapt to the new product. DVJs will be able to use Pioneer’s new unit to manipulate DVD visuals in exactly the same way as they would music. So real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the DVJ-X1, while the video and audio streams always stay in perfect sync, even when they’re being reversed and pitched.

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“Pioneer proved that we have our finger on the pulse of today’s club scene when we forged the path from vinyl to CD in the world of dance music,” said Karl Detken, director of marketing for the Pro Audio group at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Now we’re using Pioneer’s experience in DVD technology to offer the next revolution for DJs. We believe this product will spawn a new breed of entertainer ? the DVJ ? combining the skills of a DJ and VJ for the ultimate dance experience. As a result, clubs that are already investing in video technology will be able to draw even more customers for a totally unique AV experience.”

The DVJ-X1 brings together existing AV technologies into a single unit that interfaces with currently available software and hardware to introduce a completely new form of entertainment. This unique unit satisfies the needs of digital DJs to please their dance-floor audiences with today’s newest technology. It also helps future-proof club venues with an unprecedented standard for crowd-pleasing performance.

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The remarkable DVJ-X1 also establishes a platform for dance music labels keen to market their releases, in an arena where there are few opportunities to showcase promotional videos.

“We have big plans for the future of the Pro DJ market with an idea to add yet another dimension to this mind-blowing concept. In a near-future scenario, two DVJ-X1s are linked together via a fully integrated audio and visual mixer. This set-up would allow the digital audio and video from the two separate sources to be mixed and scratched on the fly ? in the same way that DJs create audio mixes in their live sets today,” said Detken.

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The DVJ-X1 offers on-board memory capacity as well as a SD Card slot similar to the CDJ-1000MK2 for even greater flexibility in performance. This allows for AV loops and cue points to be stored, either on-board or on a removable memory card. A memory card that is bundled with the DVJ-X1 can store up to 500 loop or cue points. During playback, the saved cue and loop points can be searched, selected and previewed using an external preview monitor. An emergency loop feature makes the DVJ-X1 even more user-friendly with a one-touch solution that automatically loops four beats seamlessly, in line with the beats-per-minute to allow a DVJ extra time to mix from one track to another.

The DVJ-X1 is only 25 percent larger than the CDJ-1000MK2, making is fairly simple to replace the CD unit with the revolutionary new DVD replacement in the DJ booth. Pioneer will offer a video switcher to interface with the Fader Start function of many professional audio mixers.

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Inputs on the DVJ-X1 include:
Video Output
Composite Video Output RCA (1), BNC(1)
Component Video Output BNC (1)
Preview Video Output Composite Video Output RCA (1)
S-video Output 4 pin mini DIN (1)
Audio Output Audio output (2ch) RCA (1)
Digital audio output (coaxial) RCA (1)

For inquiries about product development or creating content for the DVJ-X1,and to register your interest in regular updates before the official launch in Spring 2004, please e-mail Pioneer or visit www.PioneerProDJ.com

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