Dec 7, 2023

Livid Instruments Announces a Major Update

Published Jun 7, 2005

Livid Instruments introduced today Union 1.5 for Mac OS X, a major upgrade to its live video performance software, a staple among video artists and computer-centric musicians all over the world. Union 1.5 is designed around one core concept: “Playing Video.² With new features such as a larger clip library, effects triggers, clip sequencer, easy to use LFO’s, integrated MIDI templates, four effect layers, and an optimized engine for real time performance, Union 1.5 has elevated the standard for real-time video.


“Union’s real-time triggering, effects, and mixing allow me play off the performance and the crowds,” says Livid VJ Jason Senk, currently on a world tour with Latin Grammy winner Juanes. “I have complete control of LED walls, projectors, camera feeds, and monitors all from a single computer. The interface and controls are so easy to use I can perform at [Miami’s]

American Airline Arena one night and be ready for a show in Peru the next.²


Union’s unique approach to video instrumentation turns the experience of creating video into an expressive, multimedia performance. Since all effects processing and mixing is done in real-time, there are no render times. Adding effects to a video clip or camera feed is as simple as moving a knob. Union’s seamless and sophisticated MIDI integration allows effortless hardware control from almost any MIDI device, making it the ideal tool for beginners and pros alike.


An expansive array of effects - from pixel reductions to color controls to texture maps onto 3D objects - gives the artist potential for limitless images from a single video clip. Offstage, high-quality recording gives content creators a new way to manipulate images without using a timeline editor.


Since its release Union has powered performances from small clubs to Madison Square Garden for artists ranging from DJ Sasha to the televised Source Hip-Hop Awards. Union’s universal appeal has transformed the creative process of video performance and presentation. Union 1.5 is available for a free demo download and purchase from the Livid Instruments website.

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