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Inklen MixEmergency 1.1

Published Mar 2, 2009
Inklen MixEmergency 1.1

Inklen is excited to announce the release of MixEmergency 1.1 - the Mac visualisation application to mix and manipulate videos and Quartz Compositions in real-time.

This free upgrade adds several major features to MixEmergency.  These include recording and exporting of performances, transparent output, adjustable transitions, seven new effects and transitions, saving and restoring effects presets per video, and audio reactive control for effect parameters.

The new recording and exporting features allow users to record their performance with minimal load on their computer, and then export the performance to a video file at a later date.  Previously DJs were required to purchase additional hardware or software to record their performances, and often these solutions would result in low quality, large files or additional strain on their computer.  Now users can record and export video at any frame rate and dimensions they choose.

"With the new recording and exporting system users can easily output video files at HD dimensions", says Nick Feisst, Director of Inklen.  "We only record enough data to reconstruct the performance.  This means that any additional load on the computer is tiny - which is very important if you're also using the software to perform live."

New transparent output transitions enable the full screen output of MixEmergency to become transparent.  This allows MixEmergency's output to be mixed with the output of other VJ software - encouraging the use of additional VJ software, and collaboration between DJs and VJs.

"We had DJs that would take two computers to shows and require a hardware mixer to mix between the two outputs - so why not just do it all in software on one computer?", explains Nick.

A new transition control allows the adjustment of several new transition parameters such as the number of images in the Grid transitions, the size of the gradient at the edge of the Wipe and Iris transitions, the rate of the Strobe transition, and many more.

An audio reactive effect control mode has been added to the existing Internal, Position and Velocity control modes.  This can be mapped to any existing effect parameter, allowing for effects that pulse with the audio in real-time.

About MixEmergency:
MixEmergency is a real-time visualisation application that can also be used as a plug-in for Scratch Live and is fully MIDI controllable, so users with MIDI capable mixers can quickly and easily map MIDI controls to almost any of MixEmergency's functions.  Over 50 built-in effects and transitions are included to allow DJs to manipulate their visuals in exciting new ways.

Tags: Mac Video Mixing

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