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DVJ Present at Biggest Dance Award Event in the World

Published Mar 11, 2004
DVJ Present at Biggest Dance Award Event in the World-Body

Pioneer attended the DanceStar music awards Tuesday March 9th. It is considered “the Grammys” of the world dance community. Hosted By Carmen Electra and featuring Paris Hilton, JC Chasez, Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell, Moby and Paul Van Dyk. DanceStar is on it’s 3rd year and is the World’s largest televised electronic music event.....televised to over 500 million viewers. Pioneer provided some CDJs for the evening and also presented 6 CDJs for the 6 DJ categories and 24 HEDJ-1000 headphones for all the category winners. We also brought the DVJ and set it up in the celebrity lounge where most of the top DJs from around the world got a chance to put there hands on it or at least see this new revolutionary technology. What was the overall consensus? AMAZEMENT! Many had never heard of the piece.
The DVJ-x1 word is now out amongst the DJ Elite! Below is a link to the complete picture album we shot, as well as some highlight pictures, the info on the event, partial attendees list and the list of winners from the awards.

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