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A/V Retractable Audio Reels from Stage Ninja®

Published Jul 7, 2010
Stage Ninja

Stage Ninja® is taking AV Installations to a new level by releasing a new line of the world’s first custom retractable reels for AV products. After successfully launching the world’s first retractable instrument and XLR cables into the music industry with its 26 ft. versions in 2007, Stage Ninja® introduces their new line of fully retractable speaker and DMX reels, available in various sizes. The reels can house up to 58 ft. of cable, and are also available with a constant tension, or “always returning,” feature. 

These Stage Ninja® Retractable Audio Reels are perfect for studios, houses of worship, podiums, auditoriums, lighting trusses, and point-of-purchase displays, providing the benefits of extra cable length while simultaneously reducing the clutter caused by extra cable slack. The constant tension feature keeps sets organized and retracts cables with ease, saving installers time on setting up and tearing down.

"We've found Stage Ninja to be extremely responsive to our custom needs. We have incorporated a number of their products into economical retractable hanging stage and bleacher microphone systems for schools and performing arts theaters. They work flawlessly, and our clients were pleased to have such a cost effective custom solution. We wouldn't have been able to provide that without Stage Ninja".
- Marty Pilewski, Engineered Sound - Electronic Contracting Co., Inc.

The idea for the line came from multiple requests from AV installers for a retractable XLR reel that would move up and down freely with mobile trussing, school bleachers, and other situations in which standard cables created problems. “We started with the musician’s mindset of compact, stage and studio reels when we started with our 26 ft. versions-we had no idea of the benefits retractable audio cables could give to the AV Installation Industry. Then last year we did 100 custom retractable reels for headphones for  the Museum d’ l’ Armee in Paris, and we were like OK, we’re on to something here” explains Clayton Willis from Stage Ninja®.

Since then, Stage Ninja® has built retractable reels for AV companies used in auditoriums, factories, trussing systems, houses of worship, schools, venues, and many more. Stage Ninja® is also in the midst of introducing its Black Cat series of retractable Cat5 reels.

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