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An Ultra-Short-Throw Breakthrough Via Ricoh

Published Jun 13, 2012
PJ WX4130N

Ricoh Americas Corporation is unveiling an upright ultra-short-throw projector capable of displaying a 48-inch-diagonal high-definition image when placed less than five inches from a wall or screen, an industry-best combination. This sleek new technology, weighing only 6.6 pounds, enables businesspeople to comfortably execute powerful on-the-fly presentations in the smallest spaces-Achieved using Ricoh's original Ricoh Americas' ultra-short-Ihrow projector.

Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology, the PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N uses a concave mirror to spread the image reflection, which allows for a wide viewing angle while keeping the optical system small. This also reduces the need for a very bright light source. The result is a more compact, portable projector that uses fewer resources and produces less noise and heat to give users more comfort during meetings and presentations.

Unlike ceiling-mounted short-throw projectors, which are fixed in place, the portable PJ WX41307PJ WX4130N can be placed on a tabletop or stand and project upwards. Its vertical orientation means the projector depth and wall gap together occupy less than one toot of space along the wall, preserving table space that traditional projectors would fill. Backing the projector up to 9.6 inches from a wall delivers a brilliant 80-inch high-definition WXGA 1280-X-800 picture.
The PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N is ideal for conference rooms, offices, small-to-midsize meeting spaces and classrooms.

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