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Acoustica Releases Revolutionary Mixcraft 5 Recording Software

Published Mar 11, 2010

Acoustica Releases Revolutionary Mixcraft 5 Recording Software New Version Brings Professional Audio Features and Video Scoring To Everyone Acoustica has released Mixcraft 5, a powerful new update to their popular Mixcraft recording software. Mixcraft 5 adds video scoring as well as numerous professional audio features, and with an MSRP of US$85.95, Mixcraft 5 is priced at a fraction of the cost of competing products. When the fi rst version of Mixcraft was released in 2004, it represented a fundamental shift in the way audio software was designed. Unlike most pro-audio software, which is often bloated with poorly-planned features, Acoustica went to great lengths to ensure that every feature in Mixcraft was intuitive and easy-to-use. The result was a well-crafted, elegant recording package that didn’t require a manual, and it quickly gained a following.


In the years since, Mixcraft has evolved into a powerful audio and MIDI studio, with a wide variety of virtual instruments and effects, and a huge collection of professional audio loops. Critics have praised Mixcraft’s clear, attractive design and fantastic sound quality, and customers have applauded its musician-friendly low price. As Mixcraft has become increasingly more powerful, Acoustica has continued to work hard to keep the price low and the interface simple and fun.

Mixcraft 5 takes the Mixcraft concept farther than it’s ever gone before. Acoustica has added pro-audio features never before seen in software at this price, all without cluttering up Mixcraft’s easy-to-navigate interface.


Mixcraft’s look has been updated and its performance has been optimized to ensure smooth playback with low-latency audio drivers. With Mixcraft 5’s new Video Scoring and Editing features, users can arrange and edit videos, and add music and new audio. With Mixcraft 5’s new effects automation, users can now easily automate effects and instrument parameters. With the new Send Tracks (auxiliary sends), users can now create effects busses and easily route audio from multiple tracks to a single set of effects. Mixcraft 5’s new mixer provides a comfortable interface for mixing a project, complete with a 3-band EQ on every channel that works just like the hardware mixers musicians are already familiar with. Mixcraft 5’s new notation editor lets users easily create, edit, and print sheet music from their MIDI compositions. There’s a large collection of new loops, and new instruments and effects, including Messiah (a recreation of the classic Prophet 5 analog synthesizer), the Alien303 bass synthesizer, AcmeBarGig's Shred Amp Simulator (featuring 5 classic tube heads and 17 cabinets), the Pultronic EQ110 vintage tube EQ emulator, and, best of all, AAS’s award-winning Lounge Lizard Session, the world’s best virtual vintage electric piano plug-in. Add in even more new features including dual monitor support, recording count-in, lowlatency Windows 7 WaveRT driver support, track bouncing, clip merging, and quite a bit more, and Mixcraft 5 clearly sets a new standard for how recording technology should work, and what it should cost. Download a free trial today at www.acoustica.com and see it all for yourself. You’ll never
look at music software the same way again.

System Requirements:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
1 GB RAM (2GB or more recommended)
1.5 GHz CPU (Dual Core or Quad Core recommended)
ound card, USB, or Firewire sound device


uggested retail price $85.95
Upgrade is available for eligible users:
All versions include lifetime support

Contact: David Raimondo,
Director of Sales & Business Development
559-692-2224 ext 1008
E-mail: david@acoustica.com

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