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Car Show Games

Published Jul 25, 2003

Car Shows
Summer is a time for not only weddings it is a time they bring out the 57 Chevys old and dust them off for the local car shows. DJs from around the county are cashing in on these events and some are doing more than just playing music.

Car Show Games-Body-2

Roy Rogers of Wilson NC
I like a game I have used in the past. You will need the help of a club or body shop or mechanic. What you need is maybe 5 car parts. For example, a hubcap, a side view mirror, a rotor button, a fan pulley, a door get the idea. Set these parts on a table and have small writing pads and pens as well. Have the participants guess what these parts fit. They must be make, model, year specific. If you have more than one correct on all items you can either have a drawing from those participants or use the the first one to correctly identify the parts.

I also use, Drag Racer. You can use a chair, but it is cool to have an old steering wheel, these can be bought reasonably at Advance or NAPA Auto parts, and if possibly an old shifter. Set a boom mic at the chair and have the participant take a seat, hold the steering wheel and grab the shifter and do his/her best rendition of a dragster into the mic. Let the crowd judge the winner.

Car Show Games-Body

Toilet Paper Toss. Find an old toilet, take the back tank off. All you want is the stool part. Remove the seat as well. Buy three rolls of toilet paper. Reinforce the rolls with a couple of surrounds by our good friend duct tape. This also adds a racing theme to the game. Have the participants toss the toilet paper rolls into the toilet bowl. BUT, they have to do it like a center on the football team. They have to turn around(not facing bowl), and toss the three rolls(one at a time) thru their legs to ring the bowl. Most in wins, sometimes you will have ties and this can be broken by a toss off from a further distance...umm...maybe toss off is not the right thing to call it

Bear of W. Baldwin ME
I often play the registration game. I offer a prize for the first person to show me the registration to a 55 Ford. Then Later ask for registration to a 66 Chevy etc. It is fun watching them try to dig it out. Twist and Jitterbug contests are also popular. There is one game I do called The under the car contest. A prize goes to the first owner that can fit under his/her car without jacking it up.

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