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Bride gone wild!

Published Sep 19, 2003

Starts 'Springer'-style feud on wedding day

Adrienne Samen can add this mug shot to wedding album.

A hotheaded Connecticut bride spent part of her wedding night in jail after she flung vases and her wedding cake during a temper tantrum at her reception, police and witnesses said.
Adrienne Samen, 18, was arrested for criminal mischief and disturbing the peace after cops were called to The Mill on the River restaurant in South Windsor, Conn.

Restaurant managers had trouble keeping some of the 80 or so guests from repeatedly raiding the bar Saturday when it closed after the agreed-upon four hours, said Helmar Wolf, 58, co-owner of the converted gristmill.

But the real drama didn't begin until the newlyweds got into a screaming match in the idyllic restaurant's parking lot.

Samen - who sports a tattoo on her right arm and one above her left breast - "spit on her ring and smashed her wedding cake on the ground," Wolf said.

Then she took out six or seven flower-filled vases, he and cops allege.

The bridegroom "started driving off and she took a run at the car and, like an eagle, spread herself on the hood in her wedding gown and fell onto the ground," said Wolf, who noted he had never seen anything like it in his 19 years as a restaurateur.

"You don't behave like this on your wedding day," he said. "It's almost hilarious because I thought this was a rehearsal for Jerry Springer or something."

Wolf called the cops when the bride began walking barefoot down a state highway.

"This became an issue of someone getting hurt," he said.

When cops tried to calm Samen down in the police cruiser, she kicked the window and then tried to bite an officer, police said. That's when they slapped the cuffs on her.

"It certainly will be a most memorable wedding day for her," Wolf said. "She wouldn't be my bride for very long."

Samen, who was wearing her wedding gown in her police mug shot, posted a $1,000 bond and was released Saturday night. She was on her honeymoon yesterday, according to The Associated Press.

Samen, who lives in North Haven, Conn., could not be reached for comment. Police - and Wolf - would not release her husband's name.

She is due in Manchester Superior Court on Aug. 28.

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