Apr 13, 2024

TEAC America to Promote Paul Jenkins to Senior Vice President for TEAC America

Published Sep 14, 2011

TEAC America, Inc, a world leader in recording technology for over five decades, announced today the executive promotion of Paul Jenkins from VP of Sales for TASCAM to Senior Vice President for TEAC America, responsible for
TEAC’s Consumer Electronics, TASCAM and Esoteric Divisions and will also be serving as a member of the Board of Directors. In this expanded role, Jenkins will be responsible for
TEAC America’s entire audio sales & marketing organizations and their product lines.

“Since his arrival to TEAC America, Paul has consistently increased the sales volume and the morale at our company has never been better. He is a very marketing oriented executive and I have all the confidence that he will continue to raise the bar. Our company has always been heavily engineering oriented and I have always thought that the fresh outlook he’s brought to our company has had a great impact.” said Koichiro Nakamura, President of
TEAC America, Inc.

Jenkins joined TEAC America, back in September 2006 as TASCAM’s National Sales Manager and quickly moved up the ladder. He was promoted to Director of Sales in January 2008 and then was named the VP of Sales for TASCAM in June of 2009.

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