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SLS Loudseakers New Vice President Of Sales And Engineering

Published Nov 1, 2006

SLS International Inc. has promoted Tom Tyson to Vice President of Sales and Engineering. Initially hired by SLS in February 2005 as head of field engineering, Tyson quickly excelled in his responsibilities and was eventually assigned with the duties of overseeing new product development. Founder of mid-west-based Tyson Sound Design, an independent sound design and acoustical consulting firm, Tyson also served for 10 years as head of field engineering at Bose Professional before joining SLS.

“In the short time that Tom has been with our company, he has demonstrated a strong work ethic and great attention to detail,” states John Gott, Chairman and CEO of SLS International. “Supporting SLS’ origin as a cutting-edge technology developer and engineering based company, Tom’s new responsibilities include overseeing SLS’ in-house engineering team, which will continue its work on new product development and product enhancements and, in the process, help to uncover new techniques in achieving maximum sound quality and capability.”

Gott adds, “Tom is also assisting with education and awareness through an exceptional national training program that he has designed and introduced. It is geared toward training commercial dealers on the vast advantages provided by SLS products and practical applications for superior sound performance. In exchange for completing the program and demonstrating a concise understanding of our products, dealers are awarded special SLS certification.”

Always looking to achieve the best sound quality possible with any given application, Tyson says he is excited about this endeavor. “SLS is constantly discovering unique methods to improve the way in which people hear amplified sound, and I am happy to be participating in this steadfast effort.”SLS Loudspeakers, a division of SLS International, designs, manufactures and markets proprietary ultra high-fidelity ribbon-driver loudspeakers and sound systems for professional, commercial and residential applications. The publicly traded company (AMEX: SLS) was founded in the 1970s and its products are used in hundreds of installations worldwide.

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