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Phil Michaels-Trueba Joins Promo Only Staff

Published Sep 21, 2005

Promo Only, Inc., the nation's largest subscriber-based music and music video service, has tapped industry veteran Phil Michaels-Trueba to fill its newly developed director of programming position.
"Phil brings his 13-year track record as program director for Cox Radio, as well as his passion for music and consummate knowledge of the industry to us at the best of all possible times," said Pete Werner, Promo Only's vice-president and co-owner.

As our business has grown to include such ventures as providing exclusive content to music television...

"As our business has grown to include such ventures as providing exclusive content to music television, secure digital delivery to radio, and streaming video content for mobile phone applications, so have the responsibilities of our programming staff. That Phil has been gracious, and courageous, enough to accept our offer to help better coordinate the many daily tasks our programming staff must tackle says much about the man and his commitment. We're both proud, and grateful, to have Phil aboard."
The addition of Michaels-Trueba to the Promo Only programming staff will also, by design, allow long-time executive producer Chuck Barrett to step more fully into the production role Promo Only's expanding business base requires.

Michaels-Trueba's radio career began, modestly enough, in 1991 at Miami's legendary WHQT Hot 105, where he served as an intern before working his way through the assistant engineer, music director and assistant program director ranks. In 1999, Michaels-Trueba was responsible for the creation and sign on of WPYO in Orlando, FL before returning to Miami in 2002 to help launch the nation's first 100,000 watt full-power Dance station, the much-lauded WPYM; winner of the prestigious Billboard Radio Monitor's Innovator award.

"I'm excited and proud to join the Promo Only family and its team of talented and passionate professionals," says Michaels-Trueba. "I look forward to putting my experience, contacts, programming and management skills to work to further their growth and position in the industry."
Phil Michaels-Trueba can be reached at 407-331-3600, or by email at phil.michaels@promoonly.com.

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